What kind of surf boards are there and what are their futures. How do you choose the right board for your size, the conditions and your level?  Read about all the differences in lengths and shapes. 



The fish is similar to a shortboard but is smaller in length. It has a slight point on a round nose making it both stable and maneuverable. The Fish is good for catching small to medium waves

The shortboard or the thruster is the most popular type of surfboard. It is used to perform quick manoeuvres on the waves

The Funboard is a good solution for surfers who want to transition to a smaller board while still maintaining additional paddling power and stability. It is similar to a longboard but slightly smaller and it can come in a variety of tail shapes, nose shapes and foils.

The longboard or Malibu is wide, stable and offers lots of floatation. it ‘s a great wave catching board

The gun is a bigger version of the shortboard and it’s used in the big wave arena. It is designed for big drops and handling very high speeds with good control. The increased length of the board makes it possible to paddle into bigger waves.