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Anchor point

Coming to Morocco in the wintertime? Read our tips so you are prepared. Don't forget to bring some warm clothing!

Epic Swells
In winter time the waves are pumping. Morocco's coastline has the straightest swell in the North Atlantic. The NW exposed breaks can suffer from a swell excess, but that's when the point breaks and sheltered spots are surfed. In winter, tradewinds from the NE will make light to moderate cross-shores at most spots while SW facing spots around Taghazout will be offshore. The reason to come to Morocco in winter.

Bring your warm wetsuit as the water temperature drops between 14 and 18 degrees. A 4/3 would work perfectly fine and boots are only for those who stay in the water for at least 3 hours.

Warming up
Always do a good long warm up to make sure your blood is running and your muscles are warmed up. Run some laps on the beach and do at least 10 different stretches. We know the waves are calling for you, but it’s key to take some time for this.

Paddle practice
Make sure you keep moving in the water. Don't just sit on your board and wait for the perfect wave to pass by, go for it, search for it. 'it’s too hot to paddle' is not an excuse this time of the year!

After surf
Finished surfing? Take your wetsuit off straight away once you get out of the water and put on some nice warm clothing. The beach sellers sell some nice mint tea to really get you warm again.

Get hot
Winter asks for some good body care. Visit the local hammam for the real moroccan experience or go the more luxury hammam in Agadir (now included in the new year package) and get a good full body massage.

And hey, keep in mind, this is not Europe! So there will be no snow, no freezing cold and the sun is always there to warm you warm during the day! We will guarantee you’ll still get your tan!