A few weeks ago I was sitting in the office behind the computer answering emails. Our office looks out at the beachside and from the corner of my eye i noticed a man drawing something in the sand with a stick. After a few minutes he was still drawing and drawing. He got my attention. I walked over to the window and saw that he was drawing these big mandalas in the front of our house. I started drawing mandala’s myself when i first came to Morocco 3 years ago. It helped me to just relax and stop thinking, get inspired and unwind from a day at the beach.

It was low tide so he had quit a big drawing field to express his creative thoughts. The more distance i took the more beautiful and clear the drawings became.

I grabbed my camera and went to the rooftop terrace. Wow! How is he able to draw so big and still keep the proportions right? I went 1 more stairs up and started filming.

It was like watching a show. At some point the drawing was finished, the man took off and left me behind on the terrace. Time to get back to work and soon start drawing again myself!

When I finished work high tide started pushing in and already half of the drawing was gone.