The very cool initiative Make Life Skate Life treated Taghazout to a real sweet deal.Make Life Skate Life is a 100% volunteer-run non-profit organisation that works with local skateboarding communities around the world to create free of charge, community-built concrete skateparks. And so they created one for Taghazout. 


The skatepark projects they have completed in India, Bolivia,  Jordan, Myanmar, Ethiopia, Nepal, and Morocco have been successful through local community involvement from start to finish, providing local skateboarders with the tools, materials, knowledge, and inspiration to create their own projects.


The construction of the skateparks is led by professional skatepark builders who create world-class skateparks and share their knowledge in the art of skatepark construction with skateboarding communities around the world. All of their skatepark projects remain sustainable through the establishment of free of charge on-site skateboarding and safety equipment loaner systems, run by local partner organisations, allowing all children free access to skateboarding regardless of economic standing.

“We build skateparks because we are skateboarders and building skateparks is a tangible way to promote skateboarding"

The outcome is amazing, on opening day all kids and 'grown ups' from Taghazout and around, came to skate with no fear and just to have fun.
So bring your skateboard and enter the concrete pool when finished with your surf session or when its flat.