It's the middle of the high surf season and you probably used you wetsuit very often! Oke some of you can call yourself lucky for surfing in boardshorts and bikinis but in Morocco it's winter, so we like to put on our superhero costume when we paddle out.

How do you keep your wetsuit clean and fresh? Read our 6 tips for crucial wetsuit care.


Always rinse your suit inside and out each and every time you use it, even if you are planning a second session. Salt will destroy your suit faster than everything but direct sunlight. Take the time to do this, every single time RINSE!


Hang your wetsuit up properly. Never hang it in the direct sun, or drape it over your car’s side mirror or on our rooftop terrace :-)

Make sure to take a plastic hanger, slide the top or bottom of the suit through, and hang it double-up, inside-out in the shower, garage or our special board- and wetsuit storage. If you must hang it outside, find a spot in the shade. Also never hang it by the neck or shoulders; this will quickly stretch everything out. NO SUN!


make sure you hang your wetsuit in the right way

make sure you hang your wetsuit in the right way

Turn the suit inside out each day until it's dry. If you rinse it inside and outside you also need to dry it both ways. Otherwise you will take your suit 3 days after your last session and find the inside still wet and moisty. If you will do this routine it will greatly lengthen the life of your suit.


Fresh water rinsing will not take the smell out and always leaves some salt behind. Thats why its is good to occasionally soap it with wetsuit shampoo. Fill up your cleaning bucket with cold water and add some drops of the shampoo, stir the water and make sure the soap is dissolved, drop in your wetsuit, knead the cleaner into the neoprene with your hands. Pay attention to the zipper too, to prevent corrosion. Rinse it 3 times with clean water and repeat step 2 and 3.


We know that once you see the waves you want to get in as fast as you can, but always make sure you pee before you flea! Nothing makes your wetsuit smell worse than urine. You can buy products like Mirazyme, specially made to flatten odours from bacteria and mildew in wetsuits and add that to your wetsuit shampoo session. Or try a little bit of Listerine instead, also works like magic.


When you finished your surf session and take of your wetsuit, do it slowly and with care.
Don’t grab the wetsuit with your thumbs or nails, and make sure to find a clean spot to take it off. You don’t want it to scratch on the asphalt. Don't stand on one leg of your suit while trying to yank your foot out of the other, If you handle your wetsuit with care it stays longer in its form and will keep you warm for longer time.

Take care of your equipment and you will enjoy it longer!