From our terrace to Houssain's smile, Fatima’s food and the amazing surf. Will you let us know what is your best reason to come?

  1. Delicious breakfast waiting for you on the terrace every day

  2. You get to meet a lot of great people from all over the world

  3. The surf is right outside the house

  4. You can view the sea and Taghazout from your bed

  5. You can almost jump from your window into the sea

  6. Fatima makes the most delicious home cooked dinner 4 times a week

  7. You can sleep on the terrace, even if you snore

  8. The boys fix your bbq fish and skewers on wednesday

  9. Abdellah and Sophie welcomes you to the camp and gives you the amazing tour 

  10. Watch Roxy getting all excited when new guests arrive 

  11. Watch surf movies on our big screen while hearing the real waves in the back

  12. You get some distance from your everyday routine, and sometimes we even shut off the wifi ;-) only during dinner time though, don’t worry!

  13. Your room gets cleaned, your bathroom get cleaned, the dishes are done

  14. Houssain welcomes you with his smile every morning in the surf shop!

  15. You can practice your yoga session on our terrace at any time of the day!

  16. Simo and Abderrahim will push you in some waves, if you are lucky..

  17. Watching the sunset from our terrace never gets old

  18. You can watch hot surfer boys or surfer girls on the beach, whatever your prefer ;-)

  19. We bring you to the best surf spots, you don’t have to drive

  20. Abdellah shows you how to poor some real moroccan tea!


Thats sounds like a good list, Thanks to everyone on it for making it possible!