Watch this video that Lee-Ann shot on her trip to Morocco this past winter. Really cool shots of her surfing Boilers and Anchor point! Lee Ann is Team Rider for Roxy and she rips.

Moments in Morocco this past winter, seen through the lens of Claudia Lederer. Music by Tom Curren. "it is funny we were looking for a song to go with the edit and while my computer was on shuffle his song came up and it fit perfectly :) I got to re-discover this little jam he had recorded in Morocco 2 years back"


As the daughter of living legend Tom Curren, Lee-Ann has forged quite a reputation in her own right, establishing herself as a rising star in European surfing. Lee-Ann has been crowned both European Junior Champion and 2x ASP European Champion.  After a successful year in 2009 on the WQS, she qualified as the youngest European ever for the WCT.

Lee-Ann also has a deep passion for music; she sings, plays the guitar and enjoys composing music of her own through her band ‘Betty The Shark’. Additionally, she founded her Surf and Hope Foundation after witnessing the hard life of the Brazilian favelas. As a result, she recently produced "Titan Kids" - a film about the surfers and children of the favelas.

With a heavy focus on providing kids help and hope through surfing, Lee-Ann is fast becoming an icon in women's surfing.

STANCE: Regular

Favorite wave? Labenne, France

Special talent besides surfing? I like editing videos and playing guitar.

Best dance move? The worm

Top 3 songs for a pre-heat? Crystal Castles: Empathy. Cocknbullkid: I'm not sorry.  Martin Dupont: Just Because.

Your dream? Get a 20 second stand up barrel!

source roxy,com