On September 12th its was Eid al Adha or also known as the Feast of the sheep. On this day the muslim community sacrifices a sheep to their god. The Berber traditions that come with this feast where already existing before Islam came to Morocco. 

The three-day celebration that is called the Boujloud Festival, is comparable with Halloween or Carnaval. Boujloud means The person who wears sheepskin.
Local kids take the skin that comes from the sheep and turn it into a carnaval costume. After dressing up they go outside and scare the people. They made a some kind of 'lucky weapon' from the hooves of the sheep. Once slapped by the hooves you will be blessed with the magical power of the sacrificed sheep.

On the last evening there is a big parade with all the kids in their costumes accompanied by drummers and/or flute players which ends on the main square. Next to the 'Boujloud Men' you will find Berber dancing and singing.
The Boujloud festival is a very entertaining and fun festival, with young kids competing to show off their skills and creativity. We definitely saw some scary costumes!