When you first start surfing you will get some information on safety and etiquette from your surf teachers, maybe you have had some lessons before, you visited a few camps, but do you still remember all the rules?
Here's 10 rules to help you understand whats going on in the line-up and how to participate when surfing. And some surf slang to impress the other kooks in the Hashpoint surf house. Always come prepared! 




1. Right of Way. The surfer closest to the peak gets priority.

2. Don't Drop In. You are spoiling a wave of someone like you, who also enjoys surfing. Don't do to others what you don't want done to you. Wait for your turn.

3. Don't Snake. Select the best position in the line-up and do not paddle around other surfers always wanting to catch all waves. Be patient. There are waves for everyone.

4. Don't Get in the Way. Paddle wide, not through the peak, and stay in the water if you got caught inside and a surfer is enjoying his surf line.

5. The Furthest Out Gets Priority. Although longboarders may not use this rule wisely - leave some waves to shortboarders - in theory, they hold priority. Sense and sensibility tells them to avoid calling priority in all waves.

6. Do Not Throw Your Board. If you kick out or fall, try to control your stick. Surfboards can actually kill someone if they hit critical regions of the human body.

7. Communicate What Will You Do. In case two surfers are sitting in the middle of the peak and the wave opens to both sides, they should tell each other if they're going right or left.

8. Do Not Dive Head First. Reef or sand, the ocean floor can severely hurt your body. Try to use your surfboard to protect the impact and protect your head your arms.

9. Respect the Beach and the Ocean. Never leave garbage in the sand and water and try to give back so many hours of pleasure and joy.

10. Give Respect to Gain Respect. Interact with other surfers in a civilised way, even if a minority is still learning good manners.